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Eve Alcock

Eve Alcock


Eve Alcock is an Analyst at the Clean Air Fund, working across teams with a focus on communications and strategic partnerships.

Eve’s background is in the higher education sector, having spent two years as President of the University of Bath’s Students’ Union where she was a governor of the University and Chair of the SU’s Board of Trustees. As President Eve led the Union, representing 18,000 students with an expanding portfolio including politics and activism, media, democracy, and priority campaigns and built up a strong national profile commenting on higher education policy. She is also led a significant Women in Leadership programme of work organising two conferences with external speakers and workshops and launching her own podcast “Rise Up” which empowers women to lead. Eve holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is currently a Director at the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, and a member of the Democratic Procedures Committee for the National Union of Students.