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Patrin Watanatada

Programme Consultant
Patrin contributes to strategy, programme development, and learning.

Patrin was previously the first knowledge for policy director at the Bernard van Leer Foundation, where she helped transform the foundation to focus on sharing case studies, experiential learning, narrative, evidence and other forms of knowledge to improve the wellbeing of babies, toddlers and their caregivers at scale.

She also started BvLF’s work on air quality and helped persuade the board to make their first “environmental investment” in over half a century in the Clean Air Fund.

Prior to working in philanthropy, Patrin led the London team of pioneering sustainable business think tank and advisory firm SustainAbility, where she focused on the food & beverage and consumer goods sectors. She has also worked in financial services strategy consulting, social change communications, and investor and government relations for a biomass energy start-up in Bangkok.

Patrin currently serves as vice chair of Capita, a US-based think tank working to build a future where all children and families flourish. Capita is incubating a new fund at the intersection of childhood and climate.

Why Patrin works for Clean Air Fund:

At first – because of what breathing dirty air does to babies and children. Now – because clean air for all is one of the most compelling missions around. Urgent, universal and bridge-building. Always – because of the great team!