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Clean Air Fund

We all need clean air to live, grow and thrive

We’re a philanthropic initiative tackling global air pollution. We work with governments, funders, businesses and campaigners to deliver clean air for all as fast as possible.

The State of Global Air Quality Funding 2023

Our latest research is the only global analysis of funding from international development donors to tackle air pollution. We give recommendations for governments, bilateral donors and multilateral development banks to tackle dirty air and climate change together.

Stories from the clean air movement

Mobilising women in construction to campaign for clean air

Mahila Housing Trust supported 75 women in construction to raise awareness of dirty air’s toll on their health and communities, while demanding action from local authorities.

Young runners use wearable tech to capture air quality data in African cities

Cityzens4CleanAir tapped into the transformative power of young citizens and decentralised data to campaign for smarter urban design in Cape Town, Lagos and Accra.


From grassroots to governments, we support our partners to accelerate action on clean air. Through our grants and projects, we promote air quality data, build public awareness and influence policy making.