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Clean Air Fund

We all need clean air to live, grow and thrive

We’re a philanthropic initiative tackling global air pollution. We work with governments, funders, businesses and campaigners to deliver clean air for all as fast as possible.

How can philanthropies advance climate action, health and social justice?

We analyse funding from philanthropic foundations to tackle air pollution between 2015 and 2022. Our research reveals trends, gaps and opportunities for philanthropies to maximise the benefits of their investments.

Resources for the clean air movement

New photos: Visualising air pollution and the most affected communities

Marginalised groups are often disproportionately affected by air pollution. Climate Visuals and Clean Air Fund launched a new collection of free images to authentically portray the communities most impacted by dirty air.

The Case for Action on Black Carbon

Reducing black carbon emissions will help in avoiding climate tipping points, building resilience and delivering clean air. This policy brief outlines the latest science on black carbon, examples of cost effective solutions, and recommendations for policymakers, funders and governments.

Partner with us

By tackling air pollution together, we can save lives and protect the planet. Our partnerships with funders and businesses are vital to delivering clean air for all. Get involved now:

Building a global movement

From grassroots to governments, we support our partners to accelerate action on clean air. Through our grants and projects, we promote air quality data, build public awareness and influence policy making.