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The Clean Air Fund is a philanthropic initiative with a mission to tackle air pollution around the world. We bring together funders, researchers, policy makers and campaigners to find and scale solutions that will provide clean air for all.

A hidden emergency

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. Yet every year, millions of adults and children die, develop life-threatening diseases or see their health seriously damaged by air pollution.

It’s a global problem. 90% of the world’s population – approximately 6.8 billion people – live in places where the air they breathe is damaging their health. In all parts of the world it disproportionately impacts those living in poverty.

The impact of air pollution is getting worse. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If we tackle air pollution now we will save lives. And with many of the causes of air pollution linked to the damaging effects of climate change, it will also benefit our planet.

Building the movement for clean air

Things need to change, and fast. But it won’t happen through a single organisation or individual alone.

We lead a coalition of funders interested in climate change, children and health. Together, we offer grants and support to organisations working to combat air pollution, improve human health and accelerate decarbonisation.

We are uniquely positioned to share expertise, data and best practice from across sectors and geographies to ensure that clean air can become a reality for everyone.


We fund and support a multinational portfolio of clean air programmes to deliver impactful and scalable improvements to air quality. We are already supporting projects in India, Poland, Bulgaria and the UK, as well as a global programme involving projects in China and Brazil.

We couldn’t do what we do without our funders. These foundations have recognised the scale of the problem we face to clean up the world’s air and have joined forces with us to find the solutions.

The Clean Air Fund is funded by:

We have set a goal of raising $100m in funding for projects around the world and are already halfway to achieving our target. If you’re interested in getting involved, get in touch at The Clean Air Fund does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.


Image of Jane Burston

Jane Burston

Executive Director

Image of Matt Whitney

Matt Whitney


Image of Amy Hooper

Amy Hooper


Image of Helen Cammack

Helen Cammack

Operations Director

Image of Saskia Heijnen

Saskia Heijnen

Portfolio Manager

Image of Reecha Upadhyay

Reecha Upadhyay

Portfolio and Communications Manager

Image of Ashley Machuca

Ashley Machuca

Executive and Team Assistant

Want to join our team? Head over to our LinkedIn page to view our current vacancies. To apply, please get in touch at


Image of Katherine Garrett-Cox

Katherine Garrett-Cox

Chair of the Clean Air Fund Board

Image of Tejpreet Chopra

Tejpreet Chopra

Clean Air Fund Board member

Image of Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson

Director of Climate, CIFF

Image of Patricia Atkinson

Patricia Atkinson

Chief Programme Officer, IKEA Foundation

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