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To tackle emissions and deliver clean air for all, we need data on air quality. We work with partners to generate data that is accessible, usable and actionable.

Why do we need air quality data?

Air quality data is fundamental to solving the air pollution crisis.

Data tells us how much pollution is in the air we breathe and where that pollution comes from. It also informs our understanding of how air pollution impacts our health, our environment and our economy. Citizens should understand the quality of the air they breathe and every policy maker should have enough data to make informed decisions.

We need air quality data to design, campaign for, implement and enforce policies and solutions.  

How are we improving air quality data? 

We give grants to organisations with clean air solutions that are scalable and can replicated around the world. Clean Air Fund is working to advance the air quality data field in a number of ways:

  • We pilot innovative technologies for air quality monitoring. We funded Breathe London to pilot a network of small sensors to map London’s air pollution problem.
  • We help communities to gather their own data and use it effectively to raise awareness. Through Healthcare Without Harm we support hundreds of hospitals and health professionals to collect and use air quality data in India.
  • We increase local government capacity to manage air quality. We work with C40 Cities to engage mayors around the world to raise ambition on air quality, and build the capacity and evidence to implement solutions.
  • We work to make air quality data transparent, accessible and usable. We support Open AQ, an open-source platform that provides free access to billions of air quality data points around the world.

An example of our work on data: EDF China

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Why we are investing in air quality data

We must improve the accessibility, usability and actionability of air quality data if we are to accelerate effective action on air pollution. Our data strategy aims to do just that.

How China is tackling air pollution with big data

Clean Air Fund's Matt Whitney and Hu Qin of the Environmental Defense Fund explain how China is making inroads on air pollution using cutting-edge data and monitoring tools.