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Please get in touch for commentary, analysis and background information on air pollution and related issues.

Our expertise

The team at the Clean Air Fund brings a unique perspective.

We draw from our experience partnering with governments, funders, businesses and campaigners. We share stories about inspiring clean air champions and game-changing clean air initiatives in the key regions where we work. We also offer insights on the air quality funding landscape, air quality data, health impacts of air pollution and other cross-cutting themes.

Imagine if you had a magic tool that could save millions of lives and help fix climate change really quickly…

Turns out we do, we just haven’t used it yet. It’s called cleaning the air we breathe.

Jane Burston – Executive Director of the Clean Air Fund

Our founding Executive Director, Jane Burston, and other colleagues, are experienced media commentators in broadcast and print media and on podcasts.

Get in touch

To discuss a news story or request an interview, please get in touch with us on +44 (0)7741621917 or via email.

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We are working for a future where everyone breathes clean air
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