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Our Values

Our values influence the way we work within the organisation and with our partners.


We build networks and connections, and we nurture relationships across teams, organisations, communities, sectors and geographies. We work collaboratively, sharing information, skills and work whilst also taking responsibility for our own work. Equity is a vital consideration in what we do, both externally and internally. We’re happy asking for and offering support. We are appreciative and constructive. We bring a sense of fun and community to everything we do.


We’re inquisitive, innovative, agile and proactive. We set ourselves high standards and expectations. We take the time to plan ahead and engage others with this. We aim high, seize opportunities and take on big challenges. We embrace change, even when it’s hard. We learn with purpose and invest in our people to enable them to constantly develop.

Evidence informed

We make judgements and choices based on the data, evidence and the facts available to us. We balance the tension between information gathering and speed of taking decisions or action. We have clarity of the Clean Air Fund’s role and objectives, and of our own. We strive to keep improving, acknowledging strengths as well as what we haven’t got right and aiming to continuously learn and build on our experiences. We disagree well and we support one another to use our unique skills and strengths at work.