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News 17 November 2022

Cutting air pollution through sustainable mobility

What is the role of the transportation sector in combatting climate change and air pollution? Siemens Mobility's podcast explores what companies can do.

Watch or listen to the podcast:

99% of the world’s population is breathing air that’s harmful to their health. Over the last five to ten years, there’s been a huge increase in the amount of evidence about the health impacts of pollution. Now, we are presented with a massive opportunity to improve public health and combat climate change at the same time. But how? And what is the role of the transportation sector in this crucial discussion? 

In this episode of Moving Beyond: The Siemens Mobility Podcast, Professor Sally Eaves talks to Eva Scherer, Siemens Head of Investor Relations, and Clean Air Fund’s Jane Burston about how companies – and every single one of us – can contribute to cleaning our air. The episode also looks at the role that the Alliance for Clean Air, of which Siemens is a founding partner, is already playing in the fight to cut air pollution and why data is so important.  

Recent studies have really shown the productivity benefits to businesses when the air gets cleaner. Dalberg did a report showing that businesses in India are losing 95 billion a year due to air pollution. This is productivity losses because people can’t come to work because when they’re sick, or they’re looking after their kids who are sick, or they’re coming to work, but they’re not at full capacity because they’re not very well.

Jane Burston, Executive Director of Clean Air Fund

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