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News 17 December 2020

New ‘Clean Air Bubbles’ podcast shines light on engaging new audiences in India

In the first episode of Clean Air Bubbles – a new podcast from the Clean Air Fund – Reecha Upadhyay speaks to Sonali Bhasin of the Purpose Climate Lab in India, to find out how Purpose is engaging new voices on clean air issues.

Air pollution impacts everyone: the rich and the poor; the young and the old; men and women alike. In India alone, it causes more than 2 million deaths a year – more than any other country in the world. In 2018, 22 out of the 30 global most polluted cities were in India. 

To better engage marginalised voices on air pollution issues, we set out on a process to examine equity in our communications and campaigns strategy for India.

In partnership with the Purpose Climate Lab, we mapped the ecosystem of organisations that work with and represent those who are the most exposed to air pollution, and for whom the impact of dirty air is the most detrimental. 

This first episode of the Clean Air Bubbles podcast examines how we can start to build in equity into clean air communications and how, by building bridges between campaigning organisations, we can push air pollution up the agenda in India. 

Listen to the podcast:

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  • 5:30 – insights on the groups’ perception of air pollution
  • 6:15 – perspectives from the co-creation workshop
  • 7:45 – what works best to communicate on air pollution

What did you think of the first episode of Clean Air Bubbles? Let us know on Twitter or recommend a topic for a future episode.

Image: Chelsea Aaron, Unsplash