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Our work

Our aim is to help build and support a powerful global movement for clean air. To do that we bring together funders, researchers, policy makers and campaigners working on a wide range of issues relevant to air quality.

What we do

We work in a number of ways. We assist current funders in their grant-making, and also provide direct grants and other kinds of support to organisations.  

Alongside this, we look to build and strengthen the clean air movement. We do this by finding, scaling and replicating winning solutions and arguments, sharing lessons, and improving evidence and understanding of the air quality challenge globally.  

This means we back a range of interventions.  Our portfolio includes air quality monitoring, assessing and communicating the health and economic impacts of pollution, supporting ambitious policymakers and campaigners, and getting the public and private sector on board.  

Our main criterion is the potential for demonstrable, scalable impact.  


Our approach is to pilot, provide and promote approaches that work, and collaborate with others to take applicable lessons and solutions to scale:  

  • Pilot: We test approaches and secure lasting change in a handful of geographies. We do this through targeted communication to persuade key audiences of the need for action, championing appropriate legislation, and helping embed standards and new policies to measurably improve air quality in these places. We learn and highlight lessons about what works and what doesn’t, and help to create examples of good practice.  
  • Provide: We equip people around the world with the knowledge, tools and infrastructure to create change. We document what works and share it widely. We build and maintain the tools and infrastructure needed globally, while encouraging and enabling funders to work together and learn together to achieve systems change.  
  • Promote: We raise the issue of air pollution with governments globally, catalysing funding from a range of funders including development agencies and banks, and networking people across sectoral and discipline silos while bringing new actors into this space. 


Map showing the Clean Air Fund's core geographies as of 2020

In order to focus our resources and efforts, we work in specific geographic regions where both the need and potential for impact is greatest, and where we can draw out lessons relevant to others around the world.

We also occasionally fund projects outside of these geographies, in cases where we see strong opportunities to strengthen global capacity and ambition, mobilise new players or learn from existing work.

As of 2020, we work in India, the UK, and East and South East Europe. We have plans to expand to a region or country in Africa. Subject to funding, we expect to add a new geographic focus every year.

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