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Headshot of Gaia Martinelli-Brunzl

Gaia Martinelli-Brunzl

Executive Assistant
Gaia provides support to the COO and Executive Director - Breathe Cities, ensuring the directors and their teams work efficiently and effectively and that team projects are facilitated to run smoothly.

Gaia has been working as a project, events and communications Manager and EA for the last 12 years internationally. Most recently, she worked for the Québec Government in London as the Project Manager and Assistant in the Culture Affairs team. 

Why Gaia works for Clean Air Fund:

Air pollution and climate change are the biggest threat to human beings globally. Working at Clean Air Fund is a great opportunity to be part of the solution to improve people’s lives. As a mum, I am particularly worried about the the detrimental impact of children breathing polluted air. I want to make sure future generations will be able to breathe clean air for healthy lives.