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Headshot of Georgina Echániz Pellicer

Georgina Echániz Pellicer

Breathe Cities Lead - Mexico City

Georgina is a Mexican environmental lawyer with more than 20 years of experience across various sectors, including consultancy, academia, and government institutions, with a long-standing committment to environment and air quality.

She has coordinated, designed, developed, implemented, and evaluated several projects, including the publication of the first Mexico National Emissions Inventory, the publication of guidelines for estimating emissions and estimating air pollution health impacts, and the evaluation of air quality and transport programmes for international organisations and charities, among others.

Why Georgina works for Clean Air Fund?

Air quality is related to health and wellbeing, which are key elements that allow us to enjoy life and thrive. At Clean Air Fund, I can contribute to reduce air pollution and increase the number of people who breathe clean air.