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Headshot of Sampriti Mukherjee

Sampriti Mukherjee

Senior Analyst – Super Pollutants
Sampriti provides strategic and operational support to the Super Pollutant portfolio and black carbon initiative.

A public policy and development specialist, Sampriti has experience in government advisory with specialisation in local governance. She has previously worked with organisations such as Janaagraha, Swaniti Global and Planning Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh where she worked with different levels of government to strengthen state capacities. One of her key achievements was spearheading the creation of India State Climate Fellowship, a programme aimed at assisting sub-national governments in enhancing their state climate action plans.

Sampriti holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Governance and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Why Sampriti works for Clean Air Fund

I work at Clean Air Fund because I believe that addressing super pollutants like black carbon is critical for combating climate change and improving air quality. By tackling these sources of environmental degradation, we can mitigate near-term warming, protect human health, and drive global action toward a cleaner, healthier future.