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Headshot of Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson

Head of Evidence and Learning
Tom supports the MEL team with a particular focus on the data, systems and processes needed to understand the progress we are making to bring clean air to all.

Tom has worked in research, monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning for over 12 years. He’s worked for a range of organisations contributing to humanitarian response, peacebuilding and conflict resolution and disaster risk reduction. In that time, he has worked with a wide range of MEL approaches, such as quantitative and qualitative evaluations, outcome harvesting, advocacy tracking, most significant change and lesson and evidence synthesises. Tom has experience developing results frameworks from the project level through to the strategic and is passionate about the role of evidence and learning to support adaptive and impactful programming.

Tom holds Undergraduate and Masters degrees from the University of London in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Why Tom works for Clean Air Fund

Improving the air we breathe is such a fundamental – yet underfunded – need. Taking action on clean air will significantly benefit climate, health, equality and social justice and our economies.