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Breathing life into the UK economy – CBI Economics 2020

'Breathing life into the UK economy' is a report from CBI Economics, commissioned by the Clean Air Fund, which quantifies the economic benefit to the UK of meeting WHO Air Quality guidelines.

Air quality is a shared societal challenge. It matters to the health of a country’s citizens and to the state of our natural environment. With better air quality businesses will benefit from a healthier workforce and more productive capital assets which in turn lead to a more prosperous economy with greater resilience to economic shocks.

We commissioned CBI Economics to calculate the economic benefits of clean air in the UK. The report finds that the UK economy could benefit to the tune of £1.6 billion each year if it were to achieve the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation for air quality.

The analysis finds that reducing mortality and disease linked to poor air quality will lead to fewer deaths, fewer work absences and less days an individual attends work ill. Not only does this benefit the individuals and their friends, families and communities, but a healthier nation brings with it important economic benefits from retaining the skills and experience of those people.

Read the full report: Breathing life into the UK economy