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Partners and Projects

We work closely together with a range of organisations across our core geographies and globally. You can search our partnerships and projects below by country and the specific key area for action you are interested in.

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Active project

Improving the accessibility and actionability of citizen-science data

HabitatMap is creating a toolkit for citizen scientists running their own air quality campaigns, developing open-source data analysis tools and removing barriers to the use of the AirCasting app. This project aims to increase the quality and usability of citizen-science data and enable more people to map air pollution and advocate for clean air.

Active project

Enabling reference monitoring in Africa

The project works on the development of reference particulate matter measurement capability in Sub-Saharan Africa where there is currently very limited regulatory air quality monitoring. It includes the transfer of 25 monitors as well as support for instrument preparation, transportation logistics, installation, training and capacity building.

Active project

Mobilising Healthcare Professionals

A pilot programme to gain insights into engaging with child-health professionals and using them as a conduit of information about air pollution to patients, parents and carers.

Active project

Evening Standard ‘Air We Breathe’ Series

Partnership with the Evening Standard to promote clean air news in London and raise Londoner's awareness through regular features in London’s daily newspaper.

Active project

Knowledge-based community for clean air policies

ECAC brings together air quality and policy experts to create stronger air quality policies in Poland through research and analysis. As part of this, ECAC also develops a 'State of Play' update report for the air quality field and mobilises the scientific community on air quality.